Lakeside Children's Academy

Lakeside Children's Academy

1230 Dougherty Ferry Road

West County, MO 63088

Phone: 636-225-4800

Fax: 636-225-3538

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hours of Operation:

    Monday through Friday
    6:00am to 6:30pm

Owners Sue and Laura

Academy Closings:

    New Years Eve: Closed at 4:00pm
    New Years Day
    Memorial Day
    Fourth of July
    Labor Day    
    Thanksgiving Day
    Christmas Eve: Closed at 4:00pm
    Christmas Day






Public School Closings:

Lakeside Children's Academy Snow Days

Lakeside is open for our school-age children if they are off school. We also take care of our    school-age children on late start and early dismissal days. See your tuition sheet for pricing for these days.

Snow Days:

Lakeside is proud to say we strive to be open on days with inclement weather. If we do have to    be closed for a day, we will try to have a sign on our front. If weather is too bad, we will not     make it there to inform you. If we have to close early, we will contact you and you will have at     least one hour to pick up your child. We understand how important it is for you to get to work,     but safety for our families, children, and teachers is our #1 priority.

State Licensing Associations

State Licensing and Associations

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services licenses Lakeside Children’s Academy. Inspections, both scheduled and unannounced, occur throughout the year. Lakeside is also inspected by other state, county, and city agencies, including the St. Louis County Health Department and the Valley Park Fire Department.

A copy of the Missouri State Licensing Rules is available for review in the office. Their web site also has great information: Our license certificate is hanging on our community board in the front lobby. Lakeside is re-licensed every two years.

The following ratios are required to meet our licensing standards:
    Infant and Toddlers…………….4 children to 1 teacher
    Two-year-olds…………………..8 children to 1 teacher
    Three to four year olds……….10 children to 1 teacher
    Five to twelve year olds………16 children to 1 teacher