Lakeside Children's Academy Management and Teachers

One of the major differences about Lakeside is our loyal and dedicated teachers. Many of our teachers have been with us for years. This is important because they know and understand our high expectations for education and care. Also, it is important for children to have consistency with their teachers. Lakeside is fortunate to have low turnover with our teaching staff.

All of our teachers go through a detailed interview process. We look for experience, education, personality traits, and commitment to our business. Our teachers complete a working interview before they are hired. A working interview consists of hours and actual work in the classroom before becoming part of the Lakeside team. This enables us to see them in “action” and how they relate to the children and other teachers. They work during an introductory period for 90 days when first hired.

Background checks on all teachers are completed every six months. After being hired, teachers are trained on Missouri State Licensing Rules, Lakeside’s Policies and Procedures, and an Employee Handbook.

Lakeside Management Lakeside teachers complete at least twelve hours of continuing education classes each year. All classes are approved by management. These classes must be relevant to the teacher’s age group. Some of the classes are held at Lakeside and others are through off site institutions: Crucial Early Years at the University of Missouri St. Louis, United 4 Children, National Association for the Education of Young Children, Appelbaum Institute, the Health Department, School District trainings and others.

Teachers are always available to meet with you. Drop off and pick up times can be hectic. If you ever need to speak with a teacher, feel free to call throughout the day. If you would like to set up a time to meet outside the classroom, talk to Laura or Andrea and we will arrange a quiet setting for you to do so. Our main objective is to truly partner with you for the benefit of our children.

Monthly teacher meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month. At these meetings, teachers are updated on Academy events, hear new child related news and participate in continuing education.

Every staff member is required to take an annual CPR class. Most of our teachers are also First Aid trained. A Tuberculin test, Hepatitis A shot, and a physical exam are required prior to working at Lakeside. Lakeside Administration and Supervisors are all First Aid trained.

We encourage communication between Lakeside teachers and school districts. Our teachers work close with the Special School District for children with special needs.

We are proud of our teachers and have a bulletin board by the reception area, which has their photos and years they have taught at Lakeside. Teacher’s personal information is posted outside of their classroom, so you may know more about the wonderful teachers who teach your children here at Lakeside.