Lakeside Children’s Academy – Infant Program

There is a tremendous growth in the first year of a baby’s life! It is so exciting to experience these many milestones with your children. The staff at Lakeside recognizes your child’s personality and nurtures every stage of development.

Activities are done daily to develop your baby’s physical, cognitive, social and emotional growth. At Lakeside, we partner with parents on all stages of development.

Infants need routine and security which is given at Lakeside.

– Resource to Parents
– Constant Interaction with Teachers
– Consistent, Experienced Teachers
– Clean, Sterile Environment
– Music
– Puppets
– Reading Stories
– Art
– Fine and Large Motor Development
– Every child is on their own schedule (feeding, sleeping)
– Ratio. One teacher to every four children
– Tummy Time
– Outside Play and Stimulation
– Observing
– Exploring
– Discovering
– Waterplay during the summer months