Safety and Security at Lakeside Children’s Academy

Health Information

In order to protect the health of other children and our teachers, children cannot be brought to the Academy when they are sick or have a contagious condition. Please notify our director if your child has a contagious disease or exhibits any of the symptoms on the list below. If your child becomes ill at Lakeside, you will be notified and must pick up your child within one hour! If a family cannot be reached, the emergency contact person will be called. Check with our director and your pediatrician before allowing your child to return to Lakeside. Symptoms (as specified in our licensing handbook), which may prevent a child from spending the day at Lakeside include, but are not limited to:

  • Vomiting within the last 24 hours
  • Profuse nasal drainage
  • Red/ pink eyes with drainage or crusting
  • Chicken pox with unhealed scabs
  • Sore throat or trouble swallowing
  • Difficult or rapid breathing (especially important in infants under 6 mos.)
  • A temperature over 100 F within the last 24 hours
  • Severe cough
  • Yellowish skin or eyes
  • Head lice
  • Diarrhea during the night or early morning
  • A rash that has not been diagnosed by a physician (not diaper rash)

Families will be notified if their child is known to have been exposed to any communicable disease or any kind of infection at Lakeside. Notifications will be made by posting an information sheet outside the affected classroom. Lakeside requires a doctor’s consent for children with special medical needs to attend.

Administering Medicine at the Center

Families must complete a medicine form that is available in your child’s room. The form must be completed before medicine will be administered. The medicine forms are for prescription as well as nonprescription drugs, diaper creams, ointments and lotions.

Medicine must be in the original container, with the label giving the child’s name and instructions for administration (including nonprescription drugs and sunscreen). All medicines will be placed in the kitchen, either in a cabinet in an appropriate container or in the refrigerator in a container labeled “medicine.” The administration keeps Ritalin, or other amphetamine medications, in a locked box on the office and is given to children for whom it has been prescribed at appropriate time.

HELPFUL HINT: When getting a prescription filled for your child/ren, you may want to ask the pharmacist for two containers with dosages clearly stated on the label. One container (with appropriate amount of medication) can be left at Lakeside. This sometimes solves the problem of families forgetting to bring the medication every day to the center for their child/ren.


Families are responsible for bringing sunscreen for your child. On your Enrollment Form, updated annually, there is a section for sunscreen. You will give Lakeside permission to apply sunscreen on your child daily when going outside. You will also specify the type of sunscreen you are bringing for your child. The teachers keep track and initial what time they apply sunscreen on your child.


The State of Missouri and Lakeside Children’s Academy require that all children be immunized according to the schedule recommended by the Missouri Department of Health. A record of the required immunizations shall be provided to Lakeside prior to the first day of attendance (refer to page). A photocopy of your child’s immunization record signed by his or her physician is acceptable. If you choose not to have immunizations for your child, we must have a form from the Department of Health. This form must be updated annually and given to the office.

The Missouri Department of Health recommended schedule of immunizations for children is as follows for children ages 16-59 months: 4 doses DPT/DT; 3 doses Polio (OPV); 1 dose MMR; 1 dose HIB; 3 doses HB.

Meals and Nutrition

Meals and Snacks

Breakfast, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack are provided each day for your child. All food is prepared at Lakeside. Lakeside does not serve any sugary cereals. We serve all whole grain products. Fresh fruits and vegetables are served a few times per week. When we serve canned fruits, we drain the syrup and rinse off the syrup from the fruit.

Breakfast 7:00-8:00 a.m.
Morning snack 9:00 a.m.
Lunch 11:30 a.m.
Afternoon snack 3:00 p.m.

Mealtime is a positive time for children as well as a time to receive proper nutrition from the basic food groups. Copies of our menus are provided at the center for breakfast and lunch. Food is never used as a reward, or denied as a punishment.

We encourage children to taste each item on the menu. The teachers give small servings to each child. For older children, meals are served family style, with each child helping in the process. Our teachers always eat with the children to encourage discussion and manners.

We ask that you do not bring food for your child unless: 1) it is for your infant not accustomed to table food; 2) it is for a special activity (like a party or field trip); or, 3) your child is on a special diet (in which you’ll need to discuss with the director and provide a physician’s statement). If you must bring in special food for your child, we require a doctor’s note to be kept on file (for children one-year and older).

Lakeside is a NUT FREE ACADEMY. Allergies are a concern for some of our children. If you bring a special treat for a birthday, please ensure there are not nut products! See the office with suggestions of what to bring or questions.

Outdoor Playtime

The fenced-in playground areas at Lakeside are large and terrific! They are located in a quiet area by the lake at the rear of the center. Children have a wonderful assortment of equipment such as tricycles, swings, water boxes, and slides that are safe, fun and developmentally appropriate for play. Children play outside every day (morning and afternoon) unless there are extreme weather conditions or a special medical reason. The time spent outside will total at least one hour every day. Even during damp or mild winter weather, a little fresh air for a limited time is beneficial to children. Please dress your child/ren appropriately (with hats, mittens and sturdy footwear when necessary; refer to page 13) so that they will feel comfortable during their outdoor playtime.

Water Play

Beginning in June, your child/ren will participate in Water Play. Each classroom will have time to play outside: running through sprinklers, playing with water toys, and with water tables. Each child needs to come on their Water Play day with a labeled towel and swimsuit. Water shoes are ideal for safety; flip flops are not permitted. Sunscreen is applied for each child and documented on your child’s Medicine Form. As with any Lakeside activity, we encourage families to come and participate with the class! Our children love Water Play!

Heat and Cold Policies

Lakeside Children’s Academy recognizes during the summer and winter months, temperatures may affect their outside playtime. Lakeside’s Administration will refer to (The Weather Channel website and the Children’s Hospital Guidelines for accurate temperatures.

Based on the current temperature, the Administration will instruct Teachers as to how long the children may be outside.

Children’s Hospital Guidelines for weather restrictions on taking children outdoors:

Green Day: 32 degrees to 90 degrees- children can stay out for an unlimited amount of time.
Yellow Day: 10 degrees to 32 degrees- children can stay out 10-15 minutes.
Red Day: 10 degrees or below- children will not outside.
Green Day: Up to 90 degrees- children can stay out indefinitely.
Yellow Day: 90 degrees to 100 degrees- children can stay out with plenty of water for 15 minutes.
Red Day: 100 degrees or above- children will not go outside.

***Temperatures include the heat index

Grandfriends Intergenerational Program

Our unique Grandfriends program involves children age’s three to twelve. Lakeside children travel to our neighbors, a nursing home and retirement center, and interact with the residents. The children sing, perform plays, dance and talk with the residents. Our children trick-or-treat on Halloween at Cape Albeon and Garden View. This is a rewarding, educational experience for Lakeside children and Grandfriends!

Field Trips

For appropriate age groups, we will plan field trips designed to enhance the children’s educational experience and to have a special day of fun. Many field trips take place in the summer for children over the age of five (children younger than five must be in a separate car seat).

Some of our recent field trips have included the St. Louis Zoo, Six Flags, and a fishing excursion at Busch Wildlife Refuge. Families will be notified in advance and are required to sign a release form granting permission for the child’s participation. Families are always welcome to share these special times.


Teachers certified to transport children drive our Lakeside buses. All drivers go through a Bus Driving Training and have their Class E Drivers License. We will tak and/or pick up your child at any of the following schools:

  • Parkway: Barretts Elementary, Carman Trails Elementary, Hanna Woods Elementary
  • Valley Park schools provide transportation to/from Lakeside.
  • Transportation to school not listed, MAY be a possibility.


There are many photogenic children at Lakeside who are used for pictures being taken to share with families and visitors. The photos are displayed on the bulletin board by the reception desk and in the rooms. We realize how much our families enjoy observing our daily activities and special events. Please give permission to use your child’s picture on our Enrollment Form. There are four categories for photograph use: in center use, marketing, website, and Facebook.


Lakeside does not encourage teachers to babysit after hours or on weekends. We will not give out teacher’s phone numbers or recommend teachers to you.


Lakeside has a Facebook page. Updates are posted two to three times per week. Photographs, new trend information, quotes, teacher and academy information are posted. Please “LIKE US.” This is a great way to have reminders and information!

Cell Phones

Please do not take personal cell phone calls while picking up or dropping off your child.

Family Restroom

A restroom is located up front by the reception desk. Please feel free to use it with your child or while you are at the Academy. If you need a changing table, please go to Bearcats and Billikens.