Lakeside Children’s Academy – Toddlers

The Toddler years are a time of great cognitive, emotional and social development. Toddlers at Lakeside are learning to verbalize their needs and wants. They are actively involved in learning self-help skills. Many of the daily activities also include gross motor fun and sensory exploration. Lakeside’s teachers are always here supporting them in every new experience they have.

Below is a list of several activities that support your Toddler’s tremendous learning:

– Puppets
– Transition from sippy cup to open cup
– Feeding self using utensils
– Fine motor
– Gross motor
– Riding bikes
– Art
– Sensory activities
– Block building
– Sign language
– Story time and reading
– Language skills
– Music and Movement

Family Owned/Operated

We are family owned and operated for over 28 years.

The Hockensmith Family partners with our families daily regarding their children’s needs. The owners are involved with the business on a daily basis. There are many positives to a family owned academy: policy changes, teacher training, curriculum, communication.

Hours of Operation

  • Open Monday – Friday 6am-6:30pm
  • Only closed for seven major holidays
  • Age 6 weeks through 12 years are accepted
  • 10 week Summer Camp Extravaganza for school-age children

Lakeside Children’s Academy

1230 Dougherty Ferry Road
West St. Louis MO 63088


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